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NFT "Pink Leda" exclusive artwork by Lucia Collela

NFT "Pink Leda" exclusive artwork by Lucia Collela

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About:  Lucia Collela. 50% of Lucia's earnings from this NFT will transform refugees into entrepreneurs. Meaning members from this low income community can take ownership of their own lives. So, basically, you fund training, inventory and business mentoring with each NFT. 👍



"Leonardo da vinci's sketch of ' The head of Leda' is originally a gentle , serene study of a young women's face. She appears quite sorrowful."

"It was my birthday when I created my own version of it. Pink & green pastels were intuitively a birthday choice of colour and my own gestural method of drawing to the beat of Bruce Springsteen's track "dancing in the dark " (on repeat ) transformed Leda from being a subject of voyeurism into a empowered woman. I like to think Da Vinci would have embraced this practice. Leda definitely did."

Lucia trained at the Chelsea College of Art  and the Oxford College of Art along with a degree from De Montfort University. Her artwork 🎨 is now available here! So, whether you are treating yourself or a loved one, consider this exclusive artwork  as a great arty gift 🛍️

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